We provide solutions for:

       1. Accomplishing and integrated geo-informatic system for facilitating the management of agricultural fields by:

1.1. Elaborating a database containing all the legal and technical data and documents related topographic/cadastral lots that create the structure of agricultural exploitation fields/ agricultural farms – characteristics that are linked with the geometrical issues of the above mentioned lots;
1.2. Identifying and positioning of the lots and processing the spatial data;
1.3. Topographical analysis, digitalising and structuring the geometry of agricultural fields, of physical parcels and agricultural ones, administrated by individual farmers.

      2. Management of applying and obtaining agricultural subventions, by:

2.1. Using an informatics algorithm for fast and facile calculating and correct/proper generating the Unique Request of Payment in a digital vector type of format using geospatial methods, compatible with importing the Land Parcel Identification System (LPIS);
2.2. Ensuring the traceability of agricultural parcels and of the crop-rotations with the annual cultures, of the perennials and of the officially known ecologic protected areas.

      3. Management of renting the land by:

3.1. Managing the renters/the rent holders, of the rented land surfaces and of the equivalent value of the cereal quantities or of the necessary amount of money for paying the land rent/land lease.
3.2. The capacity of delivering a large amount of information that can rapidly be analysed and evaluated, and also the ability of elaborating necessary reports for an argued decisional process.

What our company can accomplish:

Geo Informatics System

Partnership in a geo informatics system that facilitates the management of agricultural fields

Management of Contracts

Administrating/Managing the renting contracts/ leasing contracts for the rented surfaces


Digitalising and structuring the geometry of the agricultural fields and of physical parcels

System for identifying and locating the agricultural parcels

Geospatial representation of agricultural parcels together with their alpha-numeric characteristics

Management of Subventions Requests

Informatics Algorithm and Geospatial methods compatible to importing the Land Parcel Identification System (LPIS)


Topographical analysis and tracing the top parcels.


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